(Update the download has been removed but I preserve the post for itself. Please install irssi from Cygwin’s setup.exe)

This has been in my static folder at least since the official release of that version, but I hadn’t posted it on the website yet.

Back in the days, when I was looking for a Windows version of this rather popular *nix IRC client, they did not have a single working link on their website/ download page http://irssi.org/!

Of course you can always tell the users to “just build it yourself”, but seriously, which average user is capable of doing that?

So after researching the Internet and not finding any suitable Windows build of Irssi, I decided to fix that gap myself. So I created above build.

When I checked back at the time of writing this entry, they now link to a build of Irssi 0.8.9 on their download page; I would claim that this is no official build (but maybe they’ve gotten the creators permission to hot-link (deep-link) it).

I believe I had already found this build at the time when I was looking for one, and the website didn’t have any; but not only is it outdated (version-wise), it also does not support Perl, Irssi’s premier scripting binding. Since I like to enhance my client with several scripts, that was no good.

Also, there is a new feature called “recode” in Irssi 0.8.10, which (although it ultimately sucks) enables you to chat in places where ISO-8859 and UTF8 charsets are in mixed use.

Given these two reasons, the 0.8.9 version of Irssi was not an option to me.

For those interested in making their own Irssi/Cygwin builds on Windows, I’ve written down the necessary steps. Hit the jump to read them.

 1# Make a default install of cygwin            (58.2MB)
 2# Add the folling packages:
    a. Devel/gcc-core                           (52MB)
    b. Devel/gcc-g++                            (23MB)
    c. Devel/gettext and
       Devel/gettext-devel (missing libintl.a)  (10MB)
    d. Devel/libncurses-devel (terminfo support)
    e. Devel/make                                (1MB)
    f. Devel/pkgconfig (detects glib2)
    g. Interpreters/perl                        (33MB)
    h. Libs/glib2 and
       Libs/glib2-devel                          (4MB)
    i. Libs/openssl and
       Libs/openssl-devel                       (10MB)

 3# Download the Irssi sourcecode from their website and save it to C:/cygwin/home/Username
    (If you want to use svn, you'll need additional cygwin packages, e.g. automake.)
 4# Start cygwin
 5# tar xzvf irssi-*.tar.gz
 6# cd ./irssi-0.8.10*
 7# ./configure --with-perl-staticlib --prefix=/cygdrive/c/irssi
 8# make
 9# make install
10# now you can start irssi with C:/irssi/bin/irssi.exe