As most of you are probably aware, there is a slight defect with European and French iPod maximum volumes. (You could also say a cap or limit.)

Fixing however is simple:

The following instructions apply to 3G, 4G, mini, color iPods.

Copy the iPod firmware to your disk:

dd if=/dev/sda of=ipod_fw count=1536

Apply some magic:

perl -Mbytes -p -i -e's"(?<=\x08\x00\x9F\xE5\x38\x01\x90\xE5)(.)(.)"$2$1"s' ipod_fw

Send it back to the iPod:

dd if=ipod_fw of=/dev/sda

Gracefully have it reload the firmware:

eject /dev/sda


To undo, just repeat once more.

(You have to send your regards to nusse for this, he made me write it down.)