gnuplot is a great program for creating graphs.

Sometimes you’d like to use it remote or even locally without the need to spawn an X11, Wx, Qt or PostScript viewer. Especially when working remotely without X forwarding, wouldn’t it be nice to use Xterms Tektronix support to do the drawing?

As it has, gnuplot does do some tek, but it works rather awkward horribly with Xterm, as it only switches to tek mode once and never back to text mode! Some people even suggest adding Xterm keyboard bindings to cope with this misdesign. Unbearable! How about simply fixing the tek entry to send the correct codes to Xterm?

That’s what I did, if you want it just get the appropriate patch from their sourceforge tracker, either one that adds xterm support to gnuplot for the current cvs as of today or one that patches on xterm tek support on gnuplot 4.2.5