We still haven’t found a place to take good care of our little one (or even any, for that matter). There is a web service run by the city administration that is supposed to help you find free places. As a little experiment, we watched this site closely for a while. Suffice to say that there were no places.

Well, that’s not quite true. Sometimes there were places, but the end result (up until now) has been:

  • sorry, it’s a system error, the place is not really there
  • yes we have a place but we don’t give it to you because others are even more in need

and that’s although there is a new law in Germany saying that everyone is entitled to have a day care place. So for us the search is still on (or maybe we need to see a lawyer next…) but until then here are the results of the survey in case anyone is interested:

kita survey kita survey (German version)

I also want to highlight the technology that was used here: Moops — Object Oriented Programming for Perl, DateTime, FillInForm::Lite (which has better Unicode compatibility that the original), Nonoh to send SMS (paid service), Net::Jabber to send XMPP notifications, FiltersAsTags for Text::Xslate to provide a Domain Specific template language, Statistics::useR to interface directly with R (much more sane that Statistics::R which spawns an interactive R session); Mojolicious for the web frontend, OSM and Leaflet for the maps, gnuplot for a simple SVG map; forks instead of ithreads, and WWW::Mechanize, LibXML, HTML::Parser, JSON::PP and Text::Balanced to parse the web.