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Web Dump Irssi with 256 colour support

The git version of Irssi now comes with 256 colour and true colour support.

If you want to use it, make sure your $TERM environment variable is set up properly. You can check it in Irssi with:

/eval echo $TERM

Inside screen (or tmux), it must be screen-256color. Outside of a multiplexor, it depends on your terminal emulator; xterm-256color, rxvt-unicode-256color or gnome-256color are common sensible settings.

Format codes support HTML-like RGB-Hex notation, you can review on Formats wiki page. Sample: %Zabcdef

With a true colour terminal emulator such as st you can even experience full true colour support. To do that you need to ./configure --enable-true-color on Irssi configuration. Then, inside Irssi, you can /toggle colors_ansi_24bit on to turn it on. Do note, tmux does not support it and will display weird stuff.

Updated scripts for 256 nick colours can be found on my web dump too. You still need to manually configure /set neat_colors to the list of colours you actually want to use; take your pick from the screen shot below and input it like this: X42X3AX5EX4NX3HX3CX32

If you can come up with any amazing 256 colour Irssi themes, contributions are welcome.

After you install your Irssi, test it on a fresh config with the /cubes command, should produce this output:


The internals of 256 colour support are available on the wiki.

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