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Linux, Web Dump Firmware updates for Z30 from Linux

BIOS update

  • Download bios .exe from Toshiba (US site), it includes ISO
    (EU updates are only for Windows ☹ )
  • Extract iso image from .exe
  • Run isohybrid image.iso
  • cp image.iso /dev/usbstickhere
  • reboot
  • set bios to CSM boot
  • F12 for boot menu → USB stick
  • cross fingers…
  • set bios back to UEFI boot

SSD firmware update

  • Download Samsung firmware update tool
  • Download SSD firmware package from Toshiba
  • extract *.enc firmware files from the self-extracting archive
  • run ./magician -d 0 -F -p /path/to/firm

Required folder structure for /path/to/firm:


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Comments (2)


First, thanks for you post.

I'm trying to download update firmware from US Server, but I can't find my model Z30-b100 (PT258E Satellite?) .

Can you help me?

Thanks again.

Hi zudo,

that model is not available in the US so we cannot take advantage of their ISO updater.

You may have luck by booting into a FreeDOS USB and using their supplied CHGBIOSF utility. To follow down that route, unpack the BIOS exe from the EU server with an archive manager and then you can find CHGBIOSF and the BIO*.COM file which contains your BIOS. Good luck!