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[TXT]05-fix-print_after-scrollback.diff12-Jan-2014 13:28 1.1K(github issue)
[TXT]06-add-print_text_after_time.diff11-Mar-2014 20:33 5.0K(github issue)
[TXT]07-no-split-utf8.diff03-Feb-2014 16:14 1.5K(bug tracker)
[TXT]08-shabbles-NO_ACT-level.diff12-Jan-2014 13:28 5.7Ka new /ignore level that removes the activity marker of lines (original)
[TXT]256color.diff18-Mar-2014 12:30 55K256 colour and true colour support for irssi, prereq: patch 07 (learn more…; official tracking)
[   ]README.cygwin09-Nov-2009 10:58 1.0KGuide to compiling Irssi on Cygwin (download…)
[TXT]adv_windowlist.pl14-Apr-2014 16:39 59KAdvanced Windowlist for Irssi (learn more…)
[TXT]adv_windowlist_0.7g.pl06-Jan-2014 09:57 60K
[TXT]awl_minimal_theme.txt14-Apr-2014 16:37 670 Irssi scripts
[TXT]control2format.pl10-Mar-2014 18:02 2.0Kconvert control codes to their equivalent %-escapes for use in print
[TXT]dccrelay.pl09-Nov-2009 10:54 5.6KRedirect DCC sends
[   ]default.theme06-Oct-2006 06:07 32KDefault theme for light background colour terminals
[IMG]dim_nicks.gif13-Jan-2014 11:50 28K
[TXT]dim_nicks.pl18-Mar-2014 10:31 7.1KDim nicks in another colour that have left the room, prereq: patch 05+06
[IMG]fades.gif14-Mar-2014 20:11 5.5K
[IMG]hideshow.gif17-Jan-2014 11:37 80K
[TXT]hideshow.pl21-Mar-2014 05:41 4.3KRemove and re-add lines from the Irssi view with specific levels, prereq: patch 05+06
[TXT]hilightwin.pl22-Feb-2014 03:57 1.6K(with fix for %-codes in incoming messages)
[TXT]ircuwhois.pl09-Nov-2009 10:58 2.5KFormat additional whois output from Undernet IRCd (ircu)
[IMG]irssi.png15-Feb-2013 17:28 27K
[IMG]irssi2.png15-Feb-2013 17:50 26K
[IMG]irssi_24bit.png03-Feb-2014 15:43 42K
[IMG]irssi_24bit_fake.png03-Feb-2014 15:43 29K
[TXT]messages_bottom.pl06-Oct-2006 06:07 728 Make chat start at the bottom of the window (by printing many newlines on window creation)
[TXT]mouse_soliton.pl06-Oct-2006 06:07 4.8KScript which can read xterm mouse sequences
[TXT]neatcolor.pl20-Mar-2014 09:59 9.7KColourise nicks, with 256colour support, prereq: 256color patch
[TXT]niq.pl04-Feb-2014 11:43 6.8KBitchX like tab completion, fixed version
[TXT]nm-256color.diff20-Mar-2014 09:26 1.4K
[TXT]nm.pl25-Mar-2014 09:09 18KRight-align and colourise nicks (with 256colour support), prereq: 256color patch
[TXT]nm2.pl09-Apr-2014 00:15 19KIrssi scripts
[TXT]per_window_prompt.pl17-Jan-2014 15:11 2.7Kremember input prompt content per window, with workaround for adv_windowlist (original)
[TXT]python-256color.diff28-Feb-2014 19:16 1.0K256 colour support for irssi-python
[TXT]question.pl06-Oct-2006 06:07 1.4KFake a dialog like question near the prompt
[DIR]quilt/11-Mar-2014 20:48 - Irssi scripts
[TXT]recentdepart.pl15-Jan-2014 19:09 10Ksmart-filter of ignoring unimportant joins/quits, with support for hideshow (original)
[TXT]trackbar-soliton.pl11-Jan-2014 17:19 9.0Ktrackbar with bookmark support (source), prereq: patch 05+06
[TXT]trackbar.pl11-Jan-2014 17:19 9.0KDraw a line at the position where you last left the window (mIRC: Line Marker)