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[TXT]2022proxy.txt19-Sep-2015 02:35 752 Irssi scripts
[   ]README.cygwin09-Nov-2009 10:58 1.0KGuide to compiling Irssi on Cygwin (download…)
[TXT]adv_windowlist.pl17-Nov-2015 15:18 74KAdvanced Windowlist for Irssi (learn more…)
[TXT]adv_windowlist_0.7h.pl01-Aug-2014 17:23 60K
[TXT]aspell.pl29-Jul-2014 12:58 20K(mirrored off github:shabble/irssi-aspell)
[TXT]awl_minimal_theme.txt18-Sep-2015 14:46 690
[TXT]clearable.pl27-Jan-2015 02:37 1.9KIrssi scripts
[TXT]cmpchans.pl23-Nov-2015 21:31 1.5KIrssi scripts
[TXT]colorize_nicks.pl13-Nov-2015 10:09 4.1Kcolours nicks inside message body, prereq: nickcolor_expando(_dev).pl
[TXT]complete_at.pl28-Sep-2015 05:55 1.1Kcomplete nicknames after @<tab> (twitter-style)
[TXT]control2format.pl26-Nov-2015 23:35 2.0Kconvert control codes to their equivalent %-escapes for use in print
[TXT]cubes-alias.txt24-Jul-2014 10:16 706 …test 256 colours with this alias
[TXT]dccrelay.pl09-Nov-2009 10:54 5.6KRedirect DCC sends
[   ]default.theme06-Oct-2006 06:07 32KDefault theme for light background colour terminals
[IMG]dim_nicks.gif13-Jan-2014 11:50 28K
[TXT]dim_nicks.pl27-Jan-2015 00:00 12KDim nicks in another colour that have left the room, prereq: irssi 0.8.17-rc1/git
[TXT]execcmd.pl25-Aug-2015 15:31 2.0KIrssi scripts
[IMG]fades.gif14-Mar-2014 20:11 5.5K
[IMG]hideshow.gif17-Jan-2014 11:37 80K
[TXT]hideshow.pl13-Nov-2014 13:42 7.3KRemove and re-add lines from the Irssi view with specific levels, prereq: irssi 0.8.17-rc1/git
[TXT]hilightwin-no-indent.diff06-Aug-2014 13:57 410 Irssi scripts
[TXT]hlscroll.pl27-Jun-2014 23:45 2.6K/scrollback commands to jump to hilights in the history (a lastlog alternative)
[TXT]ido_switcher.pl17-Sep-2015 22:23 29KIrssi scripts
[TXT]ircuwhois.pl09-Nov-2009 10:58 2.5KFormat additional whois output from Undernet IRCd (ircu)
[   ]irssi-gjs.tar07-Jul-2014 01:00 220Kirssi javascript module alpha snapshot
[TXT]irssi-settings.pls.txt16-Jun-2014 03:14 9.7Kthe website to create html from irssi-settings.text, recovered from some google-cache snapshot
[TXT]irssi-settings.text03-Dec-2014 11:03 54KIrssi 0.8.10 settings notes raw text file, rescued from google
[TXT]linebuffer.pl26-Nov-2015 23:36 7.5KIrssi scripts
[TXT]messages_bottom.pl06-Oct-2006 06:07 728 Make chat start at the bottom of the window (by printing many newlines on window creation)
[TXT]misc.txt20-Aug-2015 16:18 706 Irssi scripts
[TXT]mouse.pl16-May-2009 23:11 4.9KMouse gestures script compatible with adv_windowlist (original by coekie)
[TXT]mouse_soliton.pl06-Oct-2006 06:07 4.8KScript which can read xterm mouse sequences
[TXT]nickcolor_expando.pl21-Aug-2015 13:51 31K… more intelligent nick colouring (inspired by mrwright's score based nickcolor script)
[TXT]nickcolor_gay.pl26-Jan-2015 23:56 1.9KIrssi scripts
[TXT]nm-256color+.diff04-Aug-2014 14:22 3.3K
[TXT]nm-256color.diff20-Mar-2014 09:26 1.4Kpatch to teach 256 colour support to
[TXT]nm2.pl17-Feb-2015 00:39 18Kdynamically right-align nicks, max. width calculated per channel (based on
[   ]notify.js29-Jul-2014 14:09 727 desktop notification script for irssi-gjs
[TXT]perl_versions.txt21-Aug-2015 11:45 13KIrssi scripts
[TXT]python-256color.diff28-Feb-2014 19:16 1.0K256 colour support for irssi-python
[DIR]quilt/04-Aug-2014 14:14 - more Irssi patches
[TXT]recentdepart.diff04-Aug-2014 14:55 2.5K
[TXT]recentdepart.pl30-Sep-2014 19:05 10Ksmart-filter of ignoring unimportant joins/quits, with support for hideshow (original)
[TXT]sb_position.pl26-Sep-2015 03:52 3.1KIrssi scripts
[TXT]sb_search.pl16-Sep-2015 13:46 4.6KIrssi scripts
[TXT]sbclearmatch.pl10-Jan-2015 18:26 2.4KIrssi scripts
[TXT]scriptaliases.txt28-Sep-2015 02:50 2.4Kcycle to the last, next-to-last, … windows and back in last visited order
[TXT]send_scroll.pl26-Jan-2015 23:52 737 make the chat scroll to the end before you can send a message
[   ]teddy-nu.tar.gz24-Apr-2015 23:12 1.0MIrssi scripts
[TXT]tmux-nicklist-portable.pl06-Sep-2015 20:03 12KIrssi scripts
[TXT]tmux_away.pl29-Sep-2015 14:02 6.6KIrssi scripts
[TXT]trackbar.pl07-Oct-2015 22:54 16KIrssi scripts
[TXT]trackbar22.pl18-Feb-2015 11:07 16KIrssi scripts
[TXT]typofix.pl21-Aug-2015 13:52 5.5Kfix typos for real, fixed up to the new irssi script API, prereq: irssi 0.8.17-rc1/git
[TXT]uberprompt.pl16-Sep-2015 16:32 24KIrssi scripts