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Nei hi, is there any way to force evolution online ?
Nei I’m not connected through network manager but I need to check my mail now… before updating gnome I could just click on online and it would work but now this seems to be forbidden
@mcrha|afk hi Nei, depends on your version, check evolution --help. Otherwise move away /usr/lib(64)/evolution/<version>/modules/libevolution-module-networkmanager.* or some such file while evo is offline
@mcrha|afk *while evo is shutdown
Nei mcrha|afk: there is a --online switch in --help, but it doesnt work :P deleting the network manager module works however, thanks…
@mcrha Nei, yup, newer version of evo has --force-online
Nei mcrha: nice, from what version?
@mcrha Nei, I’m not sure, 3.0 for sure
Nei oh, … I guess I will still have to wait a while for that :P
@mcrha and what is your new version?
Nei 2.32
Nei is it that the nm feature was added that breaks this? I believe my old evo 2.28 also detected network manager but still allowed me to use the online button?
@mcrha but yes, the new network manager module “broke” this. It’s not broken because you seem not to have configured your network interface through network manager, because if you would, then this might work (network manager would report to evolution that you are actually online). There is some checkbox in the network interface to be managed by network manager, if I recall correctly

Thanks mcrha!