I have put some glue between xmpp4r and twitter, et voila, a Jabber component mapping microblogging to a Jabber Multi-User-Chat.

Working right now:

  • friends joining as participants
  • friends timeline
  • posting updates
  • sending and receiving direct/private messages


  • follow/unfollow (I’d like to implement this as invite/kick)
  • blocking (ban)
  • avatars (can be easily done)
  • a lot more

You can try this out by joining the MUC-room {identi.ca|twitter}@omb.jabber.teamidiot.de and using your username as nickname and providing your password. As this is not safe (I might steal your password) I suggest to setup your own component, try it out and provide feedback.

The repository (mercurial) is at: http://gonzo.teamidiot.de/repos/ombmuc/.