The K3565-Z is sold with Vodafone Websessions currently for 30 EUR (in Germany). There is no hardware-based Simlock, only the connector-software by Vodafone won’t work with other networks, but this software sucks anyway. The problem seems to be to find the drivers.

Following is tested on OS X 10.6.2.

  • Download the connection manager (from this website). It is for some device called MF626, which seems to be the same. Do not install this package but instead only ./Contents/Packages/drv.pkg (can be reached by e.g. right-click - show package contents).
  • Now plug in the UMTS-stick and wait for the ZeroCD-crap to be mounted. Eject the device in the Finder. Ignore any “found new devices”-messages for now.
  • Open and run sudo screen /dev/tty.ZTEUSBATPort. Type: at+zcdrun=8, press enter. You should receive “Close autorun state result(0:FAIL 1:SUCCESS):1”. The annoying flash-drive is now disabled.
  • Now open System Preferences and choose “ZTEUSBModem”. Go through Advanced - Modem and choose “Generic” as vendor and “GPRS (GSM/3G)” as device. Don’t forget to enter the APN if your provider requires you to do so.
  • Use *99# as phone number.