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[TXT]Authenz2.pm2010-11-09 14:18 1.1KAuthentication handler tieing Movable Type into Apache/mod_perl2
[TXT]MergedSearch.pl2012-06-17 22:51 2.4KRevert Blog grouping behaviour of global searches
[TXT]mt5_modperl2.diff2014-02-24 10:50 5.3KMovable Type plugins
[TXT]mt338_fltr.diff2010-11-09 13:46 2.2KProtocol filter for Movable Type, i.e. for use on http+https (secure) sites
[TXT]mt338_modperl2.diff2010-11-09 13:46 3.1KMinimal patch to make Movable Type work with mod_perl2 (needs up to date et al.)
[   ]mt338_site.conf2010-11-09 14:13 2.2KSample Apache configuration for use Movable Type with mod_perl2
[TXT]mtdump_to_iki.pl2013-09-24 09:29 5.4KMovable Type plugins

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