Once you’re in the flow of IRC, another important tool to keep track of which messages are new is what mIRC calls the Line Marker. Whenever you switch windows, it will add a horizontal line marking the position where you switched away from this window.

That way, you’ll easily be able to refind the spot where you left off reading the chat window when you return to it.

The mIRC original will only update the marker if you have actually “visited” it, i.e. scrolled the screen so much that you could actually see the marker (in case it had went off-screen). Unfortunately, there is no such feature in this version.

I am pretty sure that I once had a trackbar version which would allow you to directly jump in scrollback to the position at which the trackbar is located. I wonder where it went. (I’m also fairly sure that I was using that mentioned version in the last days, and not this one.)

This script has now been located and is available as