On a freshly started Irssi, all message text will start floating from the top of page; just like when you open a new terminal on X11 or ‘clear’ your screen on the console.

I find this highly distracting, since whenever you are looking at a window, you need to make a decision as to where exactly the text ends.

A much better approach is to fixate the viewpoint on the bottom line, as will automatically happen with time, anyway.

This script will make it happen immediately, much improving my IRC morning. Simply by printing a number of empty lines, the “cursor” will be moved to the very end of screen and new messages will start appearing at the bottom right away.

A yet better (and still missing) script would be one to reload the IRC log files when you start Irssi. mIRC already has a builtin feature to do this.

(There actually is a script to do the latter, at least for private messages, on the official scripts archive. But it sucks so much that I daren’t recommend it.)